Purchase Order Processing Services

Our purchase order processing services can streamline your sales order processing. Enabling paper, fax, email and EDI orders to be processed quickly and accurately. Utilising intelligent data capture software, key information can be automatically extracted from customer purchase order forms, reducing manual data entry and the risk of human error.Our solution cuts down manual operations, freeing up staff to be utilised in other areas of the business. Quick processing times will also improve your customers’ experience, increasing repeat business.

How does the process work?

Customer purchase order forms are diverted to Principle RPO’s accredited scanning facility. Forms can be sent direct via PO Box for paper copies, fax or email. The company is self-certified for PCI compliance, enabling financial information to be handled securely.Documents are sorted and prepared for scanning by our experienced mailroom team.Forms will be digitised using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, converting documents into a readable format.Intelligent data capture software will read the forms and extract key order information, for example customer name, order quantity, delivery date and address. Extracted data can be validated against your existing systems, for high levels of accuracy.Data is returned to suit your business needs. Our team of IT specialist will work with you to understand your systems and determine the best format, for import. Commonly used are CVS, HTML or Excel.PDF or Tiff copies of your customer order forms can be uploaded to our cloud document management system. These can be classified based on customer name, order number or date, allowing staff to retrieve information efficiently, without searching through masses of paper copies.

Automatic workflow will route order forms to the correct department, for approval or query, allowing staff to respond customers quickly.